The Apps That Will Elevate Your Game

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

There’s an app for everything. Have a goal? Stuck in the same routine? Cutting a bad habit? Struggling to get there? The only thing you’re missing is the right app!

As an entrepreneur, blogger, upcoming grad student, new Youtuber and big sister time is always of the essence. At any given time I can be found in the middle of a to do list, prepping for an upcoming obligation, in a project or debriefing (my favourite). Therefore, I have to be very intentional about downtime, journaling, reflection and feeding myself.

After years of trial and testing, these are the 5 apps that have stood the test of time and truly added value in my day to day life.

1. Reflectly

This app combines AI, analysis and your daily input and reflection to empower you with tools and insight. You get daily reflection questions, thought provoking quotes and meaningful challenges (such as writing a note for a loved one today).

This app does need your commitment of a few minutes each day for the best results.

Available at:

2. Abide

I recommend this app to all of my friends and family! You can ask 😍As an intentional woman on her spiritual journey this platform is (literally) heaven sent. With topic specific, morning, night and bedtime biblical meditations, designed to uplift and encourage growth.

After each session I feel aligned with something bigger than myself, my anxiety gone and a clarity on all there is to look forward to.

Available at:

3. Pinterest

Yes - we've all heard about Pinterest. Old news, right? Wrong! The more you use this guy, the better he gets ✨Whenever I begin to feel my inspiration slipping or feel my motivation dry up I just head over to my boards and fall in love all over again. Each swipe holds the power of a new idea, project or dream!

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4. Hashtag Expert

Let me put you on!

Watch your instagram game take off! This app pulls from the most searched and successful hashtags used at the moment. Enter in the key 1-5 topic hashtags of your post and attach the results to your posts. The perfect tool for aspiring influencers and small businesses.

Available at:

5. Done

"Consistently meet an important need with a chosen behaviour", sums up why your future self will thank you for downloading this app.

Done is an app dedicated to helping you commit and see success in your daily/weekly or monthly habits you are setting.

Have a goal you are struggling to achieve? The Done app empowers small disciplines done consistently to result in big wins.

Available at:

Meet Leché

Leché Hope is an e-commerce entrepreneur, jewelry designer, content creator, social media influencer, blogger and new Youtuber, passionate about intentional living, self care, female empowerment and beautifying.

Her goal is to use her strategic creativity to bring beauty into the lives of others.

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