Personal Development:Self Love, Self Empowerment and Self Awareness

After giving birth to a bouncy baby girl over three years ago, I noticed a huge shift in my world. Not only did I feel a huge sense of responsibility to be a great example for her, I also felt a sense of responsibility to show up in the spaces that I occupied as the best version of myself, for myself! The problem was that I was becoming increasingly unmotivated to do ANYTHING, let alone care for myself. Many days it was hard to do anything other than care for my new baby that needed so much of me. Everything from housework to my actual work was being neglected. I knew something had to change! I began reading stories of women who were experiencing this same sense of feeling down and stuck during what should be such a joyous time. I was suffering from a serious case of postpartum depression and I wanted to pull myself out of it, QUICKLY, so I did just that. My daughter was 3 months old when I started this journey of self love, self empowerment and self awareness.

1. Therapy

Therapy was not something that was talked about in my home growing up. My first time hearing about a woman that looks like me using therapy as a means to deal with life’s turbulence was via social media. Myleik Teele is a business woman, influencer, and mom that I look up to. Her podcast shed light on therapy like I’d never heard before. Because of that, it was the first thing I sought out when I felt stuck. It gives you so many tools to use IRL and it’s truly up to you to apply them. I believe tools are crucial in navigating the turbulent waters of life.Though therapy was one of the first things I sought during this time, it was not the sole contributor to my personal development journey.

2. Spiritual Focus

I grew up hearing about the goodness of God and going to church regularly but it became clear during this time that I needed to deepen my personal relationship with Him. It was almost as if he was a mystical character that I knew lots of stories about but didn’t actually know personally. I started by dedicating time each and EVERY DAY for spiritual exploration. For me that was worship music, scripture reading, and podcast episodes that replayed sermons. I would feel so much LIGHTER after that time I spent everyday. It’s amazing how getting to know and LOVE your Creator brings you so much self awareness and self love.

3. Community

I’ve always kept my circle small and never really sought to expand it. However, when you’re going through something that feels so isolating, you’re forced to examine your crew to find out if they can relate to any of your struggles. What I learned through that process is that your community doesn’t have to be limited to your IRL family and friends. In today’s world, social media can be a huge help in finding YOUR people, an extension to your community.

Today I’m using what I’ve learned, and am continuing to learn over the last few years, to intentionally show up and show out all while shining my new found LIGHT!


Jasmine is thriving mom in Corporate America and Entrepreneur. As a pharmaceutical saleswoman by day and hair business owner by night, she’s obsessed with teaching and connecting with people. She loves all things hair and beauty and is committed to helping women look and feel their best, so they can lead impactful lives!

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