My Journey of Self Love

If you're anything like me, the journey to self love is not an easy one. It’s a journey because it doesn’t just happen, you have to work on it. Ever since I was younger, I’ve been self conscious. My body type has always been curvier. During the time I was growing up, being curvier was certainly not celebrated. I’ve had my fair share of hate over the years. From a classmate standing up in front of the whole room telling me I was fat, to a family member squeezing my love handles - people can be mean. But the person that is always the meanest is yourself.

Personally I’ve tried all the diets and I’ve always been the type of person who said “I just need to lose 10 pounds and then I’ll be content.” Even when I was at my tiniest - I was still not happy with myself. It was only when I stopped putting so much pressure on myself that my self-love really started to kick in. Just like everyone else I gained a little extra quarantine weight. Instead of getting hard on myself, I’ve really grown into my body and learned to love myself.

One thing that I do everyday that has helped immensely, even if I’m feeling bad about myself, is doing affirmations. Your body will believe what comes from your mind. If the words fat, ugly, or anything else negative come out of your mouth, your body will believe that. Instead of saying your body is fat, say your body is strong. Instead of saying you’re ugly say you’re beautiful. Instead of saying you need to lose weight, say you respect your body. Doing this has changed my mindset so much and overall made me much more confident.

Another important reminder is to be patient with yourself. Self love doesn’t happen overnight. It’s taken me years to get to a good place, but I know I still have so much more to go. So good luck on your self love journey friends and remember your weight does not equal your self worth!

Meet Shauna

Hello! My name’s Shauna and I’m a fashion lover, dog lover, and food lover. Follow along on my journey of self love!

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