Nothing beats the feeling of waking up around the holiday season to see a beautiful present with your name on it, waiting to be opened. As with all other traditions, this one just adds that extra magic. Whether you’re shopping for the person who has just about everything, for an avid jewelry fan or you’re browsing for yourself; we have rounded up a list of pieces that don’t break the bank to get your wish list rolling. It’s the one stop shop for all your jewelry needs. After all tis’ the season to sparkle.

tis’ the season to sparkle

1. Cather I

I’ll start off with a simple stocking stuffer. Our ears are working harder than ever to hold on to the mask, potential glasses, perhaps a hat or a hood, your headphones, earrings and so on. The

"Catcher 1” mask or eyewear accessory is a beautiful string of pearls that’s perfect for the times. It can be customized to clip on to your mask or glasses, which can then be elegantly hung around your neck. If you want to get creative with it, you can fashion this Catcher into a gorgeous pearl


2. She Does Both

As the name aptly suggests this one is for those who want the best of both worlds. It combines the edginess of the chainlink trend with the elegance of pearls. It’s so versatile and can be worn three ways when positioned correctly. If you’re indecisive of your true aesthetic as I am, the “She Does Both” necklace makes a good present for yourself (or others (but treat yourself)).

3. Affair

These dainty drops called “Affair” are a timeless classic. If I were to describe the vibe in a phrase, it would be “casual elegance”. This was definitely one of my favourites on the entire list. And of course, in true Kryselle fashion I had to go create a makeup look for these so you get to see an extreme of how they can be worn (link to image).

4. Tan Lines

For anyone into uniquely shaped earrings, “Tan Lines” is a quirky number. It exudes an eccentric energy and is sure to be a great conversation piece. Complete with gold metal and crystal core pearls, this one will help get your winter glow on…

5. Celebratory

If you’re into the look of dreamcatchers, Celebratory is a feel-good pair to, well, celebrate that aesthetic.

Adorned with freshwater pearls and Swarovski

crystals, these earrings are perfect for people in

your life who are just that extra.

6. Mother of Pearl Jewelry Dish

And what better way to store all your brand new jewelry than in an adorable shell jewelry dish. It makes the perfect addition to any vanity. As a truly eye-catching item of its own, this jewelry dish is sure to steal the show.

Meet Kryselle

Hey, I’m Kryselle a Toronto-based fashion and beauty blogger. I’m currently studying fashion at Ryerson University and am passionate about female empowerment through style and redefinition of stigmas. You can find me on Instagram @kryselledizzle ( or on my blog Maximelle (

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