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Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Creating a brand where the 3 of us work together came naturally to us. Growing up, we were inseparable, and still are! We shared the stage together while dancing competitively, which taught us how to work together toward a common goal, all the while drawing upon our individuality. Therefore, when we created our brand back in 2013, we knew we wanted to share our love for fashion while bringing forward our individual styles! Here’s a look at some of the best and some of the challenging parts about working with your sisters…

The best part about working together is that we understand each other and share similar visions of how to express ourselves and grow our brand. It’s rare when we don’t finish each other’s sentences or come up with the same ideas! Sharing a love for fashion also means that each of us has 2 fashion consultants on call each day! We just walk into each other’s rooms and ask if our outfits are okay…if they aren’t, we “usually” change! It also means that we can borrow from each other’s closets whenever we need to. We are usually good with saying “yes” when the other sister wants to borrow and only have one tiny rule…if someone else bought it, they get to wear/use it first! Another pro of working together means we can usually create content while on the go, be it on our way to a family dinner or an event that we are all attending. Therefore, we don’t always need to schedule “formal photoshoots” which can help us keep up with content and stay relevant. Our parents are also extremely supportive of us and encourage us to grow our brand. To have created something together that our parents are proud of is rewarding in and of itself! That is definitely the cherry on top about working together!

Despite all the fun parts about working with your sisters, there are undoubtedly challenges. The biggest of them all is that each of us has a full-time job apart from our brand. Cassandra, the eldest sister is a teacher, Aly, the middle sister is months away from officially becoming a lawyer, and Nadia, the youngest sister is in school to become a naturopathic doctor. This means our schedules are usually anything but coordinated. While one of us is working, the other is usually free which means coordinating to attend fashion events together, collaborate on something together, or simply create content together is sometimes difficult! Despite this, we all try our best to grow our brand and are dedicated to working together on our spare time. While this means we rarely have time to relax, fashion is something we all enjoy so it doesn’t ever seem like “work” to us. This isn’t to say it’s easy…we have realized that it’s hard to know what our followers want and how we can inspire them each day. Nevertheless, we continue to work at it so that we can hopefully make this into something we can do forever! If having full time jobs in addition to the brand has taught us anything, it’s how to manage our time. It also has taught us that women are capable of so much and just like anyone else, women can do anything they set their minds to!

As sisters, we root each other on in everything we do, and the same goes for anyone else. We are inspired by everyone around us who follows their passion and is unapologetically themselves. We are beyond thankful to be part of a community that empowers and embraces women and feel lucky to share our platform with others.

Thank you for following along!

Meet The Girls

3girlsandourcloset is a fashion and lifestyle brand created by the Antonangeli sisters based in Toronto, Ontario. While they share a love for fashion, they each have their own unique style and express themselves in their own way. 3girlsandourcloset hopes to inspire others to experiment with fashion and be confident in who they are.

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