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Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Ana Iorga is a Toronto based creative and Fashion Design student at Ryerson University, with a passion for creation. Through a wide variety of materials and mediums Ana works to develop her craft, express herself and continuously push the boundaries. What really stood out to GAUDi inc about Ana is the fact that she truly is a master of all trades. In this article Ana shares insight into her creative process.

Ana's work covers a wide range of mediums, including graphic illustration, branding, logo design, commercial material, sewing, crochet, accessory design and more!

We asked, she answered.

What motivates you to explore different mediums and creative outlets?

My love for creativity motivates me! I always have so much fun being creative and exploring new ideas and mediums. As a primarily self taught creator, I have developed various skills and techniques out of interest. I work as a graphic designer and marketing specialist for a local wholesaler. This position has taught me leaps and bounds about consumer needs, marketing, social media planning, and e-blast techniques. Also, I began offering freelance graphic design for extra money and have received a range of awesome opportunities from it! For instance, I have designed logos and websites for local up-and-coming brands. During quarantine, I found myself really bored and experimented with crochet. La Mer Blanche, a swimsuit coverup modelled by the gorgeous Greis Dragoti, became a new project that I took on. I loved working with a different medium than what I traditionally work with. At the same time, I dedicated countless hours to sewing 300+ up-cycled face masks for donations, friends, and family. All of the masks were made with scrap fabric from previous projects and old/damaged clothing donated from my friends, family, and my own wardrobe. Being a fashion designer is my main focus. I sew a lot and adore making clothing. I have my own fashion collection, but I do custom work on the side as well. To learn more about La Mer Blanche or any of my work, please visit my portfolio website or Instagram @iorga_anamaria.

How do you stay inspired to create meaningful work?

Sometimes inspiration is hard to come by. I really stay inspired in 2 ways:

1. I remind myself of my end goal, which is to work in the fashion industry in Paris. Like most people, I too, feel burnt out at times. There are instances when I don't feel like doing small assignments, tasks, or even waking up for work. Ultimately, I remind myself that I am where I am today for a reason. I have to do this assignment to pass this class, I have to pass this class to graduate with a Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design and Minor in French, I have to graduate to get a dream job in my field, I have to make money to pay rent and save up for my big move, and the list goes on. Each step is all part of a bigger plan. Having this mindset really helps me stay inspired and focused in the moment. With each moment I get closer to making my goals a reality.

2. Finding new passions keeps me inspired. Doing the same thing over and over again gets super repetitive and unappealing. Typically, I throw myself into new projects, hobbies, or passions whenever I feel creatively uninspired. For example, I have done jewelry making, sewing, bag-making, leather-working, interior design, prints, fine art, crocheting, knitting, quilling, card making, and so much more! In the end, I feel proud of a new creative endeavour, whatever that may look like. I always value the process more than the results since I consider each creative journey as an achievement. Not to mention, having crafty skills is always a plus to come back to when you need gifts or portfolio pieces!

Meet Ana

Ana Iorga is a fashion design student at Ryerson University, with a passion for creation. Through a wide variety of materials and mediums Ana works to develop her craft, express herself and give a voice. A quick browse through her Instagram lets you know that this is a gifted artist, with an uncanny eye for detail - a one of a kind.

Instagram: @iorga_anamaria


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