Balance Is Not Easy

I’m gonna be honest - when it comes to trying to balance out the important parts of my life (university, social media, and my personal life) it isn’t easy. 

The combination of student life and “blogger” life can become overwhelming at times, and in my experience, leads to my personal life being placed on hold. Which isn’t healthy. 

So, if you’re faced with a similar issue, below are some tips on how to balance out your life. 

1. Plan a schedule

Putting dates in your calendar isn’t enough. Plan out a schedule - daily, weekly, or whatever works best for you. 

By allocating dates and times to work on your tasks, you can prioritize what needs to get done first, finish your work in advance, and keep organized all at the same time. 

That way, you’re not left stressing at the last minute about things you haven’t done!

2. Take breaks

With all the things occupying your mind, you might not remember to take breaks - or even choose not to. 

This is something I personally struggle with, and I’ve learned the hard way that it comes back to bite you in the butt. Trust me, taking breaks will help you become more efficient.

3. Practice self-love

This relates to the previous tip. Make time throughout the day to do something GOOD for yourself. Have a little yoga session, get some fresh air outside, take a bath. 

Anything that helps calm your mind and makes you feel at ease. 

I know it may be hard to fit all this into one day - but creating a balance takes time and practice. Set your goal, and then work towards it!!

Meet the Writer

Hi! I’m Selina, a fashion student at Ryerson University and aspiring fashion blogger. 

Some of my passions include fashion (obviously) and art, and I’m pretty musically inclined as well. I’ve actually been playing the piano since I was a little girl!



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